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  • Introducing My Fall 2020 Collection

    Mmm . . . fall in Sun Valley is the absolute best! While I’m a self-proclaimed summer gal, there really is nothing like watching the trees go from green to bright yellow and vibrant orange. Don’t even get me started on that golden hour that hits in the evening! It’s like a warm hug. Even as the days grow shorter I can’t help but cozy up into my studio and let my juices flow! As you’ll see, I have felt very fun and funky lately. I’m head over heels in love with the new hides that I brought in for my Fall 2020 collection. . . I’m excited for you to see them!
  • Mom's Cobb Salad; A Cindy Kirk Designs Favorite

    This Cobb Salad recipe has been a staple in our family my entire 53 years!  Here at the Cindy Kirk Designs household George loves it so much that I am tired of making it (he thinks because it is a salad that it's lo cal, hee hee!  Sorry to break the news, but it’s really NOT that lo cal, but it’s downright delicious.
  • Social Media: How to Be Present During a Pandemic

    During this time of imposed ‘social distancing’ I think it is important that we realize that we are, in fact, social beings.  We were created in order to have and feel a sense of community, love and physical contact.  It is so bizarre that now when I am watching movies’ I have become acutely aware of the closeness of the actors and I long to get back to it in our everyday lives.  It is okay to long for physical contact. 
  • A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

    One of my favorite customers stopped by my studio yesterday which is always a treat!  She was carrying one of her very first CK bags, navy Nancy. ...
  • My Favorite Books (for Now) - February 2020

    Something you may not know about me is that I am a pretty avid reader.  I love nothing more than to dive into a book that I cannot put down and have even been known to wake up in the middle of the night just to read a good book (may just be middle age!?).  Over the years, I have become choosy about writing styles.  Rich character development is key and I loath books that feel trite or too simple, preferring instead to envelope myself into the multitude of layers that a really great author produces even if it may be a difficult subject matter.  
  • A Trip to La Perla Azzurra: Veg Tanned V. Chrome Tanned

    A good way to think of leather is as one huge canvas which can be worked with to create different outcomes.  A hide is a hide is a hide!  The benefits between veg tanned leather and chrome tanned leather is the battle of the century and is certainly one that I have wrestled with since becoming a maker of handbags. 
  • Family Favorite - Clear French Dressing From Charlotte

    Family favorite salad dressing. I never make less than double the recipe and often up to 4x it, as you can see.  “Charlotte” was a family friend as well as one of my leaders in 4-H cooking.
  • The Versatile Emma - More Than a Belt Bag

    I really do think that belt bags are here to stay, and I know the Emma has sticking power because of all the different ways to wear her!  It was p...
  • Press: Cindy Kirk Turns Lifelong Passion for Sewing Into Functional Handbags

    Cindy Kirk has always been drawn to timeless, simple and functional women’s handbags. When she couldn’t find them, she founded Cindy Kirk Designs.

    Eye on Sun Valley’s Lori McNee visits Cindy in her studio north of Hailey to see how they all come together.

  • Big Night Soup - Best Soup Ever!

    When George and I got married 30 years ago, we agreed that we would assume very traditional, old fashioned roles.  He would “bring home the bacon” and I would tend to our home.  As a young and eager wife, I created the habit of continually searching for new and interesting recipes to serve.  Although I am no longer the sole chef of the house, I am still always on the lookout for simple and delicious recipes. 
  • Always Pressing Forward

    One of the exciting aspects of my CK adventure is the notion that I am continually pushing myself by learning and doing new things.  I would be ly...
  • Step Two of CK Bags - a Journey With Cindy Kirk

    After many failed attempts at finding my perfect handbag, I dreamt up my OG bag, the Cindy.  Then the task became, how to make it out of leather?  At that time, it never occurred to me that I would begin a new career in designing and manufacturing women handbags. It was through trial and error that hand stitching quickly became the most rewarding and practical way for me to produce my desired results.