CK Musings: Mother of the Bride Wedding Wrap Up


In June, I was on such a great roll with my blogs. Audrey’s wedding was just around the corner and I was genuinely excited about the near future. Then wham! It all came to a very abrupt end . . .It’s a long story which I alluded to in my previous blog, Mother of the Bride Takes a Chillbut in any event, I am BACK and would be remiss if I did not elaborate on more of the wedding! 

It all came off without a hitch and was an evening that none of us wanted to end.  It is hard to describe the intimate feelings our whole family experienced as it really is something special to be surrounded by one’s closest friends celebrating your child and her new spouse. The feelings of love were bountiful and so heartwarming! It truly was a magical evening and a happy time. We danced the night away and when the band had to wrap things up we were all chanting, “More!  More!  More!”   

Now that the chaos is over and I've had time to reflect, I have just a couple of tips in case you’re curious:

  1. Do not underestimate how tired you will be when it’s all over. I did not give myself enough time to recover. By the time all was said and done, it had been a two week party! The kids arrived the week prior and the last of our friends left the week after. I wouldn’t change this, but I do recommend you be kind to yourself and allow time to check out and recover when the final guests pull out of town.
  2. If the wedding is at your home, be sure to stock bathrooms with lots of toilet paper and clean hand towels the week before! I kept putting this silly detail off and then in a panic, was running around right before the event! Lame!
  3. Your bar bill will be over budget!
  4. Don’t be too aggressive in giving cake away. You may crave it in a day or two. . .
  5. Prior to the wedding, be very clear with your planner. Provide your exact expectations you have for the day of the event so everyone is on the same page. 
  6. It's worth every penny to invest in great music!

Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy this special moment in time. . .


Cindy, I see your daughter inherited your good looks. Sounds like it was a glorious day. I hope all that happiness continues for her entire married life. She certainly has good role models. Cheers to the bride and groom.


pat williams February 02, 2022

Cindy, I see your daughter inherited your good looks. Am sure it was a glorious day. I hope that happiness continues throughout her married life. Cheers to the bride and groom.


pat Wi February 02, 2022

Sage advice as always. Love your blogs. ❤️

Megan E February 02, 2022

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