Introducing the CK Core Collection


It’s happening . . .

After years of ‘winging it’ with my collections, I finally have a solid direction in which I am heading.  I am super excited to announce the CK Core Collection.  The CKCC will feature my best-selling bags in an array of elegant neutral colors. 

As usual, they will feature CK details with contrasting stitching and subtle bead detail. I have worked hard to curate the finest skins and best styles for you. As usual, they are timeless and classic! 

Take a look and enjoy . . . . 


Betty Tote

An all-time best seller — the Betty has room for just about everything (including a small clutch). Whether you’re headed to work, school, book club, or a child’s sporting event, this sizable bag is versatile and practical. Plus, there’s plenty of space for everything from diapers and snacks to notebooks, binders, and a computer. When boarding a plane, the Betty can either go overhead or under the seat; and at the beach, the Betty transitions into a sturdy beach bag.
Available in Beige Dakota, Black, Chocolate Mare, Coolio.

Mama Shoulder Bag Tote

Mama is a small-scale shoulder bag with big bag energy. She's able to fit items such as tablets, books, your phone, and your wallet. Beyond having a stylish silhouette, Mama has the power to be two bags in one. Leave the side tassels down for a western-inspired style, or cinch them up to create a boho bucket bag. 
Available in Black, Coolio, and Hickory.

Cindy Shoulder Bag

The O.G. of Cindy Kirk Designs, this bag has stood the test of time. A staple since the very beginning, the Cindy is made for every woman. Beautiful, simple, and unique, this bag reflects Cindy’s love for no-fuss design. While foregoing a complicated mess of zippers, snaps, studs, or linings, the Cindy is anything but basic. With functionality in mind, you can easily grab any of your belongings, and the shape is effortlessly forgiving. Soft yet sturdy, this purse has two pockets and an adjustable strap — the makings for a casual, reliable, and envy-worthy bag.
Available in Beige, Black, Pale Shade Whiskey.

Tara Crossbody

While similar in size and shape to the Susie, the Tara brings a fresh feel to the line.   With a wider base, the Tara can handle more of your essentials without the bulk.  The decorative stitching on the front adds that CK distinction popular with our customers.
Available in Black, Pale, Whiskey, Shade.

Sam Crossbody

A polished cross-body, the Sam is your no-fuss, every day purse. A compact bag that you can take anywhere, this practical cross-body has everything you need, nothing you don’t, and just enough room to store your necessities. You can fit your phone, sunglasses, wallet, and even your passport — making this the perfect accompaniment to your travels. The closure will keep everything secure, so your belongings will always be within reach.
Available in Beige, Black, Whiskey, Pale

747 Crossbody

With a name like the 747, this bag is your perfect traveling companion. Always ready for your next plane ride, the 747 was specifically designed with travel in mind. The flap gives a sense of security while the adjustable strap enables you to wear it either crossbody or slung over your shoulder. There’s also one exterior pocket for easy access to your phone or keys, as well as an interior pocket for your favorite lipstick. You can easily store your iPad, passport, wallet, and other traveling necessities in the 747. Traveling never looked so chic.
Available in Black, Beige, Shade, Whiskey, Pale.

Ali Wallet

With just enough room to hold your most coveted necessities, the Ali is the grab-and-go bag you’ve always wanted. Used as a wallet or even a small clutch, the Ali is both practical and versatile. It can be carried as a minimalist clutch at night, a petite accessory to throw into another bag, or a sizeable wallet. It’s spacious enough to fit your phone, keys, a credit card holder, and your other small keepsakes.
Available in Beige, Emily Alaska, Traditional Camo, Orange Crush, Pale, Shade.

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