CK Musings: Mother Of The Bride Takes A Chill Pill

I confess that I was taken aback once I realized that Audrey is not as much a traditionalist as I expected her to be with regards to her wedding, especially her bridal registry. I had a VERY formal wedding with all of the accoutrements that accompany such an occasion. Sterling, crystal, china, serving platters, you name it! Numerous bridal showers and a HUGE gift registry! Going into our local “Jewelry/Gift” store with my MOM, to register is such a vivid memory of mine.  Becky, the owner, was all set for us. We went into the back room where she presented us her top choices that she felt would suit George and me (another small town situation!). I loved everything she placed in front of us! (Keep in mind, I was only 21 at the time and sitting next to my mom!) Looking back at this, the funny thing is, George never even had a clue (or care) about what kind of plate he ate off or glass he drank out of! He was just young and happy to be gaining, not only a bride, but also a fully stocked house.  

Jump ahead 32 years. Audrey is our oldest and engaged to be married. We have a very healthy and loving relationship but as the planning gets going… I gently ask her about the gift registry, to which she immediately replies that she and Blake have worked really hard on it and it’s on their website! Are you kidding me? Website?! What?!  Huh?! (By now you probably know me well enough to know that I prefer to support small businesses any day over big corporate stores!)  Well… ok. I kept my cool, hung up as fast as I could and immediately jumped onto their website. OKAAAYYY… hmm… I have to admit that I had to take many deep breaths as it was nothing like what I had envisioned for my daughter. Probably because it was a total 180° from what I had done 32 years ago. What, no china? No cut crystal stemware? No sterling? Oh man… okay.

I’ve had some months to adjust and can now see with a clear lens, just how practical and pragmatic Audrey and Blake are with their gift registry. Not long ago, as I was moving furniture, cleaning cupboards, shifting all my crystal from a hutch into the pantry, and ONE of my sets of china from the kitchen into the pantry, it dawned on me. I think these kids have figured it out. Keep things simple. There is no need or desire to be saddled with extra, fancy, use a couple of times a year stuff! The most glaring example for me was when she sent me a photo of herself enjoying a glass of wine in a beautiful, sleek wine glass that she had just received (yes, they also receive the gifts as people purchase them which in some cases, is way in advance!). It was so understated, elegant, and functional that I could not help but smile to myself and acknowledge how much smarter they are than we were with our $100 lead crystal ornate wine goblets that we use once (or twice) a year and cringe if we break one because of the cost to replace it! Heaven forbid if one chips!!!!!

So here it is… MOB’s (and MOG’s) take a chill pill, it’s all ok… and in some ways even better, perhaps even wiser!?

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Enjoyed immensely. Always enjoy your positive thoughts.

Patty McGrew August 23, 2021

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