CK Musings: Old Dogs, New Tricks

Old Dogs, New Tricks

(Help! I'm Stranded . . .)

How does the saying go? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!?  

Well hell . . . I want to defy this, and so does George!  

I am inspired to write this blog as I am stranded on the patio of the Scorpion Bay Hotel, San Juanico, Baja. I am stranded because he has become hooked on “catching the next wave!”  (And for those of you in relationships, you are no stranger to the fact that we often make compromises for one another!)  You see, George, who just turned 60 in July, has decided to take up surfing! If you are not familiar with this sport, there is A LOT of nuance to it and just being on the beach with a surfboard in hand is intimidating in itself. While the entire culture seems overall casual and ‘hang loose’, there is, without a doubt, a lot of ego in the sea breeze. And as with most things, it is much harder than it seems. Those surf dudes really do make it look easy to just pop up on their boards. If only. . .

I am super proud of my husband as he has humbled himself and is persevering despite frustrations. Living in land-locked Idaho full time certainly will not lend to his mission, but he is determined to make it work and I believe that he will find a way to pull it off! I am so proud of him!

I, on the other hand, came down here determined to give the surf life another try, but after watching everyone from my comfortable chair in the warm sand, have decided that I don’t care to keep up with him in this sport. When we are down here, I will stick to long walks on the beach.

However, never one to want to fall too far behind and always itching to grow, I have decided to learn how to fly fish! Yep, after living in Sun Valley for 33 years, I recently decided it was time. I had my first lesson just before leaving on this trip. Now I am jonesing to get home and get back out on the river to hone my casting skills!  Again, there is so much nuance but I am determined that I got this!

Stay tuned for updates. . .



I learned the art of fly fishing and did fish with David for many years. It is an art – - learn all about the entomology – - so interesting. I will be interested to know if you learn the knots to tie on line, tippet and of course – - your flies. That is part of the art. Humbling when learning.

The best part of fly fishing for me was the beautiful waters it took us to. Enjoy!

Christine Ferguson January 11, 2022

Love it! Can’t wait to hear all about it❤️
Happy New Year🥳🎉🥳

Suzan January 11, 2022

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