Mom's Cobb Salad; A Cindy Kirk Designs Favorite

This Cobb Salad recipe has been a staple in our family my entire 53 years!  Here at the Cindy Kirk Designs household George loves it so much that I am tired of making it (he thinks because it is a salad that it's lo cal, hee hee!  Sorry to break the news, but it’s really NOT that lo cal, but it’s downright delicious.

I am not as particular as mom so I just use whatever lettuce I have on hand and I certainly do not arrange anything neatly like the recipe suggests.  Rather, I just throw it into a bowl, toss and serve.  It’s easy peasy, and it even fuels those long days in the studio.
Cheers! Here's to a new week in isolation! Tag us when you make your next Cobb Salad. Let’s be clear though, I am not a food blogger. I'm a handbag designer but I do love sharing some of my favorite things with ya'll. So, enjoy and keep the love alive.


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