A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

One of my favorite customers stopped by my studio yesterday which is always a treat!  She was carrying one of her very first CK bags, navy Nancy.  She shared again with me how much she loves her bag and carries it nearly every day!  As we were designing a new bag for her, my eyes kept wandering over to her Nancy and I began to fall in love all over again.  I am proud of the beautiful craftsmanship and love the simple yet sophisticated lines of the Nancy.  She was the first bag that I designed specifically for a client and has been a best seller ever since.   Although I was admiring my friends’ bag, I noticed that her surface looked a little ‘tired’, so I grabbed one of my trusty leather conditioners and spruced her right up and she was ready to go again.  I just want to remind you to occasionally give all of your leather products a little bit of TLC.  I typically spend time doing this while George and I are watching TV on the weekend.  It takes so little time and has such big returns by keeping your leather bags, shoes and even coats fresh and new. 

I have loved and used Fiebing’s Leather Conditioner forever but then came across Aussie Leather Keep, when I was recently at National Finals Rodeo.  I figure if it’s good enough for rough and tough cowboys, it is certainly good enough for me!  Plus, it’s all natural and even has tea tree oil in it.  Plus, I love the smell! 



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